automatic writing

Tony Masiello
About the Author

I very distinctly remember the day when my first writing came to me. I had just attended a meditation get-together with a group that met weekly in a beautiful home on Brown's Mountain. For me it was a different meditation than all the others. Something moved me to rise and touch the heads of a few others in the group. I just felt this type of healing energy coming from me and I felt that it was meant to be shared. Some enjoyed the experience and others did not. After meditation I met with a few from the group for coffee as usual, and after they left I was kind of sitting there with my feelings being hurt by the ones that had not enjoyed my new found talent ;-). Thoughts came to me and I grabbed a pen and wrote them on the only thing I had; a napkin. This is the only writing I did not date, but feel it must have been in 1979.

I made a copy of that napkin and gave the original to a friend. She returned it many years later and I am now tearing my house apart trying to find it. Although it may be lost forever I would like to share my very first writing with you.

As I stand atop the mountain and look down through the valley I feel aware more so than I ever have on this present adventure.

The realization that flowed through me while on the mountain is the purpose I was sent here. Acceptance alone allows me to share this. My purpose is to be used by people who are lost in the wilderness, whether financially, mentally or in healing.

And my destiny is to seek out and teach and share with love and sincerity. Now this message is about to be finished I now feel my reality moving to a higher mountain top. I give you all my being totally. With love and blessings, Anthony

Maybe not the best automatic writing that has ever been written but it was just the first of many to come. Thoughts came fast and furious to me in the following five years or so. I felt so open to them and they flowed through me easily. As I look back at that first writing now, I feel it is still my purpose to teach and share with love and sincerity.

I find that when I am not in a place of love and sincerity the writings stop. For many years I did not write. I had a life after all, with a family to support and trying to keep up with the Jones's. I lived my life with an unhealthy ego and arrogance. Then one day disaster struck and I found myself looking at fear and despair. Right then I had a choice, I could go along with what had been handed to me or I could fight and survive this particularly cruel turn of events.

Little by little I began to find myself again with the help of many great authors and speakers. I even dug through my old writings and started reading them myself. Wow, I thought; I wrote that? So I read them over and over again until I got my own messages.

Then the writings started again! And they were good! All was not lost! Many people suggested that I put them together in a book and although that process took a few years it is finally here. The book is composed of my earlier writings and newer ones too. Plus, the second book is already being planned, also with some older ones and ones that haven't even been written yet.

It is my sincere wish that whoever reads this book will get as much insight from the writings as I have; and still do.

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